Mark Limacher /dɒtkɔm/

Are Essays like this still Controversial?

Re: Alfred W. McCoy’s December 6 article on, How America Will Collapse (By 2025): I remember seeing an interview with Immanuel Wallerstein some time ago where he aptly described the practice of predicting the distant future as a kind of fantastic or creative-fiction based project. This would seem to me a very uncontroversial claim […]

Archetypical Contemporary Music Criticism

Interviewer Sue Cook and composer Michael Finnissy discussing his composition Red Earth, from a BBC Proms interview, 1988: Michael Finnissy: […] when one calls a piece Red Earth, and it’s ostensibly just about a landscape, it could be confusing to people that they’re expecting to hear something which in some way sounds like that landscape […]

Peter Ablinger – Drei Minuten für Orchester

Extract from his website: On the process of his Quadraturen (“Squarings”): (1) The first step is always an acoustic photograph (“phonograph”). This can be a recording of anything: speech, street noise, music. (2) Time and frequency of the chosen “phonograph” are dissolved into a grid of small “squares” whose format may, for example, be 1 […]

A Taste of Canadian Progressivism

From the Democracy Now! broadcast on December 2nd, 2010: AMY GOODMAN: I want to ask you about the growing number of threats against Julian Assange. The former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has said Assange should be, quote, “hunted down,” and a former campaign aide of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper went a step further in […]

Obligatory Theater

From Alain Badiou’s Rhapsody for the Theatre: LXXXII Here I propose my second reform, which is so wide-ranging that it is a pleasure to see. It can be summed up as follows: our presence in the theatre halls must become obligatory. […] LXXXIV Once such logistics were put into place, what would be the forms […]

A Short Story

A recent story by someone with whom I have absolutely no association was recently published in the online literary magazine The Furnace Review. On Quebec: Because this year I had thrown the Learn French! tapes out in early May so as to make the Veronica sanction official. French can be a very beautiful language, but […]