Mark Limacher /dɒtkɔm/

…en el río…

  “Coherence can be underlined be veiled be hidden it can also be completely invisible at the beginning and only gradually be revealed”1   Arnold Schoenberg, Coherence, Counterpoint, Instrumentation, Instruction in Form, (Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press, 1994) 65. ↩

“…yeah, but that’s not my business…”

Hypertensive Emergency, and its Tonic

A Hard-to-Find Tenney

“What I have done that may be new is to find a number of different ways to use the harmonic series as the basis for an entire piece (first in Clang for Orchestra, 1972). The second involves my concern with form, not as a rhetorical device (as in the sonata), or as a means to […]

Signaux, deux fois

“Unlike Mauricio Kagel’s music (which mocks and toys with the conventions of performance), or John Cage’s music (which inserts the outside environment into musical performance), Aperghis hands the audience the unmasked, raw, and visceral energy of performance.” Version for 12 saxophones:

“Why Be Happy When You Could Be Interesting?”