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Manfred Trojahn’s Architectura Coelestis

A strange anecdote from Kulturkenner’s Porträt:

Just as he remembers his childhood, so Trojahn remembers the essential things written before his time: Don Giovanni, Beethoven’s symphonies, the String Sextets by Brahms, the music of a Gustav Mahler or Hans Werner Henze. All this and more has left traces in Trojahn’s musical language. In 1978 his Second Symphony caused a scandal at the music festival in Donaueschingen, the holy of holies of contemporary music. Not point by point but large expressive lines were to be heard there; silver fanfares rang into it; the orchestra reveled in Bruckneresque colors, suffered as in Mahler, exploded as in Henze—an elephant in the porcelain shop of the avant-garde. When the work was to be exported to the festival in Metz, the sensitive neighbors protested and French newspapers wrote about “neo-Nazi music.”

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