Mark Limacher /dɒtkɔm/

Music, etc. Politics, etc.


Solidaritätslied, music by Hanns Eisler, lyrics by Bertolt Brecht.
From Hanns Eisler’s second HUAC testimony in September of 1947

This hearing is both sinister and ridiculous. This committee is not interested in any testimony I may give or in anything I can testify about. The only thing of any public importance about me is my standing as a composer. Although my reputation is international, I do not suppose that that fact makes my musical activities un-American. I would be delighted to spend as much time as this committee will allow to lecture on musical topics, the only matters which I am qualified to speak about. I could then discuss, for example, the development technique of Beethoven’s last sonatas and string quartets or analyze the art of the fugue. But I doubt that I have been called to further such cultural matters.

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