Mark Limacher /dɒtkɔm/


A Short Story

A recent story by someone with whom I have absolutely no association was recently published in the online literary magazine The Furnace Review.
On Quebec:

Because this year I had thrown the Learn French! tapes out in early May so as to make the Veronica sanction official. French can be a very beautiful language, but it can also be used for evil. Every year it’s the same thing: her comments about the mandate to write road signs in French, the condescending tone when explaining if they must write in English, it must be so-and-so times as small and it really must be discouraged more, don’t you think Debbie? She gets such a thrill from pointing out how far she has come from home and how much I have stayed the same, English language and all.1


  1. Burkey, Nora. “Belonging.” The Furnace Review. Fall 2010.

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