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Happy Valentine’s Day

Renata Salecl on Love:

How is love connected to the “big Other”? There is no love outside speech: nonspeaking beings do not love. As La Rochefoucauld observed, people do not love if they do not speak about it. Love emerges out of speech as a demand that is not linked to any need. Love is a demand that constitutes itself as such only because the subject is the subject of the signifier. As such the subject is split, barred, marked by a fundamental lack. And it is in this lack that one encounters the object cause of desire. This object has a paradoxical status: it is what the subject lacks, and at the same time what fills this lack. The enchantment of love is how the subject deals, on the one hand, with his or her own lack, and, on the other hand, with the lack in the loved one1.

  1. Salecl, Renata. “I Can’t Love You Unless I Give You Up.” Gaze and Voice as Love Objects. Žižek, Slavoj and Renata Salecl Ed. London. Duke University Press, 1996. 179-207 (191)

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