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More Eisler

More prescient remarks from an interview with Eisler appearing in “Sovetskok Iskustvo”, quoted verbatim in Hanns Eisler’s 686 page FBI file:

After all it can be said without hesitation that everything platitudinous, hackneyed and vulgar found a niche for itself in Fascist production.

The degeneration to which the artistic youth of Germany is doomed was not escaped by the great artist Hindemith. His latest work, the symphony “Khudozknik Matiss” [Mathis der Maler] reveals in the author an epigonus [sic] composer who produces astoundingly weak pieces for a man like he is. Does this fact not serve as striking proof of that indisputable truth that Fascism is only capable of leading music, as well as any other art, to degradation!

The Fascists are earnestly endeavoring to find musical forms which they could give out for new ones present only in Fascist art. In this they strive to utilize the renowned “classical” heritage of the ancient Germans not restraining to add to this the mass compositions of revolutionary German composers. I am referring to the musical festivals on public squares (TING PLATZE) an attempted revival of ancient German games.

Incapable of creating something original Fascism also ruthlessly suppresses all experiments and withdraws further from contemporariness. We the revolutionary musicians, are not the only ones who make this assertion. Whenever mention is made of present-day German music, the musical experts only shake their head sympathetically1.

  1. Eisler, Hans. Translated from the Russian Newspaper “Sovetskok Iskustvo”, O.L. McMahon. July 29, 1935. Appearing in FBI File, Part 3 of 4. File Number: 100-195220

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